We are providers of independent and professional advice to clientele within education and commercial hospitality sectors. We offer cost effective support, guidance and solutions to businesses covering a wide range of catering matters and themes. We specialise in catering operation evaluations to test value for money, food safety standards, service efficiencies and in the process nurture quality. Our aim is act on our clients needs, find solutions, create sustainable improvements and bring clarity.


Services provided by us:

Registration certificate / Renewal of license by submitting Form 1 along with the payment fees
Abstract / Notice display under various Act.
Holiday list approval under the specific Act.
Registers maintenance – Hard copy / Soft copy under TN Catering &Est Act.
Returns submitted Quarterly/ Half Yearly/ Annual Yearly under various act.
Payment of wages , Minimum wages, Payment date and other act applicability
Contractor list with the agreement details maintained and audit the vendor documents as per the client requirements.
Safety measures checklist, Fire extinguisher, Sand bucket, water pipe, and Exit doors.